Digital native (over 20 years experience) and expert in build up / sell solutions and analyzing markets and business as well as evaluating and identifying trends and needs. Visionary in developing new directions / innovations within marketing to grow business and lead the market. Global market appreciation from a broad marketing, product management and sales point of view.

There will  be no more differentiation between online and offline communication (advertising, branding, content, commerce) in future. I’m coming from digital marketing but focusing more and more on global communication. Every company has different data silos… different within online and offline. A marketer and the company will win against competitors if they bring their data together to get a better user / client / customer / etc. understanding. It’s all about understanding and not having the best marketing tools.

Within digital there was first a targeting based on environments, then on interests and in future it will be about 1:1 predictive targeting. What does this mean? Let’s assume I’m a manufacturer of TVs and know all (or nearly all) online activities about a user, doesn’t matter if it’s on my own website or somewhere else. Additionaly I combine this online information with offline data. This will take place under strikt legal requirements and doesn’t needs to be personalized, just anonymos. With this brough understanding I can predict that a special user will buy with 80% a TV out of the premium segment within the next 4 weeks. Now I place him a customized offer and the right content on my website, out on other sites and also through offline channels.

Sounds grazy? Sounds realistic? For sure, such kind of 1:1 predictive targeting is a vision and will needs many years from now on to take place…. but if we thinkt about IoT, Digital Transformation and all the other topics arround we need to have this vision in mind to be prepared and set-up. Think big, then keep it simple.

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